Jose pena


Every Film is a chance to play, A chance to breathe life into an idea, and a chance to explore.

To find a way to create, is to find a way to relate.

And that's what i hope to accomplish every chance i get.


I'm a Latin American Director, Producer and Screenwriter born and raised in the Bronx.  My first true introduction to the movie world began with Spielberg. The year was 1993, and a little film called "Jurassic park" came out.


I remember walking down the isle of the theater and rushing towards the exit immediately after the intro drums came in. It was the first and only movie i ever watched through a doorway, and i've been seeking that feeling of immersion ever since. 


 Fast forward to high school drama class, Landing numerous leading acting roles, Eventually i strayed away from the stage to become a cartoonist, which years later would lead me to write, produce direct and co - star in my first short film ("Infinite", 2013).


I Produced, Directed and co starred in "A Day with Matthew Silver" (Documentary, 2014) and produced, wrote and directed "Solitude" (short narrative film, 2014) Hustlers Chronicle (2018)  The cage (2019), weekend Social (2020).


And My feature documentary centered in Guyana titled "Where's my Inheritance?" (2018) which can now be seen on Amazon Prime.

Currently you can find me writing, producing and directing new material, and as my resume continues to grow that can only mean we're one step closer towards creating new worlds together.




August 2016 (Short Film)

A man suffering from a mysterious parasitic affliction lives out his final days in solitude.

August 2013 (Short Film)

Two Criminals argue over whether or not they should rob the venue they're in. As the night reaches it's peak, anything can happen.

Nice To Meet Me
April 2018 (Feature Film/Cinematographer)

Nice To Meet Me tells the story of Louie, a thirty-something-year-old slacker and boyband has-been from New Jersey. We meet Louie as he quits his 39th job in 10 years. Although his mom is concerned with Louie's lack of direction in life, she is a complete helicopter parent who babies her son and lets him live in her apartment rent-free. Mom eventually reaches a breaking point and abruptly takes a promotion in Philadelphia, leaving Louie in their apartment to fend for himself for the first time. With Mom gone, Louie hits rock bottom. Day after day, Louie becomes more depressed. One night, after walking around aimlessly, he finds himself on the roof of a building. Just as he's about to jump, a simple, "Hello" from Izzy, a wise, easy-going stoner, saves Louie's life. With the help of some new friends and a group of young, talented musicians, Louie is challenged to confront his past and face the music.

A Day with Matthew Silver
November 2014 (Mini Doc)

An actor and a camera guy shadow renowned street performer Matthew Silver for a day. During their journey they discover the magic behind his philosphy.

Where's My inheritance
January 2018 (Feature film)

Director Jose Pena's newest documentary looks at colonization and it's harmful effects on the African Diaspora, and a search for reclaiming the Black Identity by following the lives of two New Yorkers Charisse Holder and Randy Harris who are of Guyanese descent. They will journey back to their homeland to try and uncover rites of passage gems left by their Ancestors and country men in order to fill in the missing pieces of Ancestry and Legacy. Upon diving deeper into the Guyanese culture and it's struggle with past governments to implement it's own identity across the music, economic, and entertainment scene, the two learn that inheritance is far beyond materialistic.

Thompson Film Festival


Best Short Documentary

"A Day With Matthew Silver"

Lovecraft Film Festival


Best Director